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There was a time when I loved to do Sudoku puzzles, I would do a couple a day on average. I came up with algorithms to solve them which I attempted to perform with pencil and paper, but they were a little too complex to keep track of manually. I wondered if my algorithms would actually solve a Sudoku or if they were just shortcuts to make it easier, and I decided to test this out by writing a program to try out my algorithms.

The result is this web interface which allows you to input a Sudoku and then attempts to solve it using my algorithm. So far I have not found a solvable Sudoku which my algorithm has not been able to solve, however this does not mean that such a puzzle does not exist. The code will cease trying to solve the puzzle after 20 iterations of the loop, but I have not yet found a Sudoku which was not able to be solved in more than 3 iterations.

Last Updated: 2017-01-29 12:41

More Information

The web interface is available here.